Opening Day 31.08.2014
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And it begins...
Today was Opening Day at the 2013 Genco Mongolia Bike Challenge presented by Orbea. 108 athletes from 23 countries were transferred today by private coach from the Bayangol Hotel in Ulaan Baator to our first camp at the Genghis Khan Statue Complex. The magnificent complex, complete with restaurant and private ger (yurt) camp, is owned and operated by our Title Sponsor, the Genco Tour Bureau. Riders and staff experienced traditional Mongolian singing and dancing performances before dinner. The atmosphere is electric as the anticipation mounts for the race to officially start. Tomorrow they will tackle Stage One, the King's Stage, a 120 kilometre loop with 2900 metres of climbing. Visit us daily to follow all the action - we will be posting race reports, photos, videos, and full results for each of the seven epic stages of MBC 2013. Goodnight from Mongolia!

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